Our Businesses

SunRice is a significant player in the global food market, with leading brands in Australia, and internationally in New Zealand, the United States, Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. SunRice has a strong suite of complementary and subsidiary businesses both in Australia and around the world.


SunRice’s wholly owned subsidiary AGS owns and operates Riverina-based grain storage infrastructure with capacity exceeding 1 million tonnes. With an extensive grower base in the Riverina and beyond, AGS is well placed to meet storage requirements for all grain types.


CopRice is a division of SunRice. CopRice has been supplying quality animal feeds for over 30 years through its plants in Leeton, Tongala and Cobden. The CopRice business was originally established in response to the availability of rice by-products such as rice pollard, a quality feed which is high in energy and protein. Today, rice is only one of many ingredients CopRice uses. CopRice also operates a pet food business, which caters for a wide variety of companion animals.

Riviana Foods

Riviana Foods is a gourmet food distribution, sales and marketing company wholly owned by SunRice. It has the largest share of olives and pickled vegetables and onions in the retail channel in Australia. In its grocery business, important brands include Always Fresh, Admiral, Captain, Fehlbergs, Riviana and Mahatma. Riviana Foods also has a strong presence in the food service sector and an extensive portfolio of brands including Riviana, Menu Master, Garden Supreme and Ocean Supreme.


SunFoods is a rice milling, distribution and marketing company that was established in 2008 and is wholly owned by SunRice. SunFoods is the owner of the Hinode brand, which was created by the California-based Rice Grower’s Association in the 1930s. The Hinode brand is very strong in medium-grain rice markets throughout the US, and is stocked in retail outlets including Walmart and Kruger. SunFoods’ head office and milling base is located in Woodlands, California.

Trukai Industries

Trukai is a rice product packaging, distribution, sales and marketing company that is two-thirds owned by SunRice. It is Papua New Guinea’s leading supplier of quality rice products. Registered in 1970 by SunRice, Trukai has a number of well-established brands including Trukai and Roots Rice. Trukai’s head office and processing base is located in Lae, with a marketing office in Port Moresby and distribution facilities located throughout Papua New Guinea.

Aqaba Processing Company (APC)

Aqaba Processing Company (APC), which is 80% owned by SunRice, is in the business of receiving, storing and packing rice, as well as operating grain handling and storage facilities. APC markets the Sunwhite brand, which is popular throughout the Middle East.


Solrice, located in the Solomon Islands, is a distribution, sales and marketing company wholly owned by SunRice. It is the Solomon Islands’ leading supplier of quality rice products, including the well-established Solrais brand.


Rice Research Australia Pty Ltd (RRAPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of SunRice, undertakes rice varietal and agronomic research and development in partnership with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC). RRAPL operates a leased farm in the Riverina for its activities.