Being a responsible and respected corporate citizen is an important part of the SunRice business. SunRice participates in activities to improve environmental performance and ensure the safety of its people.

SunRice is committed to understanding and minimising any adverse environmental impacts of our milling, processing and marketing activities, recognising that our key areas are post-customer and consumer packaging, and water and energy use.

SunRice is participating in an industry best practice and innovation approach, which involves auditing the environmental impacts of rice processing and product transport, and implementing best practice if shortfalls exist. Key issues examined include energy usage, waste minimisation, and dust and noise emissions.

SunRice is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), which is a leading instrument for managing the environmental impacts of consumer packaging. The business has established an effective waste management and recycling program in our business.

Water re-use and recycling processes have been effectively implemented within business units where water use forms a key part of business processes.

Energy-saving opportunities have been identified and implemented across all SunRice sites. These continue to be reviewed and aligned with the federal energy-efficiency opportunities and state obligations.

In recognition of SunRice’s commitment to sustainable business practices, in 2017 the company was recognised as a Bronze Partner in the NSW Government’s Office of Environment and Heritage’s flagship Sustainability Advantage program, and is now aiming to achieve Silver status. The Sustainability Advantage Program helps organisations to improve their environmental performance, reduce costs and add value to their business.